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Urgent repairs needed at the Mums and Babies Home in Nicaragua

Urgent repairs needed at the Mums and babies home in Nicaragua

Can you help us reach our target of £ 1200.00 

Our urgent appeal is on behalf of the young adolescent mothers and their babies at Casa Alianza Nicaragua

The Mums and Babies home is at capacity at all times, with the funding priority being direct care and necessities.

Every penny is spent on daily essentials looking after all the children in their care and providing a place of safety and a comprehensive package of support.

However, the recent very heavy rains brought by the hurricane season, have caused damage to the residences’ water drainage system, causing water to flow back into the building, leak through walls and flood.

The repair is imperative, as they help guarantee the health and safety of our teen mothers and their babies.

As resources are stretched to breaking point with the increased costs due to Covid 19 we are reaching out to you for immediate help with solving this crisis.

The amount needed to carry out urgent repairs is £ 1,200.00

Can you help with a donation to repair the damage?

Please, click HERE to donate online

We also accept card donations via PayPal (no need to sign up).

Donating via PayPal on our website ensures that your funds will reach us within 2 hours of making your donation

We are happy to accept cheques and CAF vouchers sent to our office address.

Every single donation will make a huge difference.

Thank you.


Background to the need for the Mums and Babies unit in Nicaragua:

In all of Latin America, Nicaragua is the country with the highest rate of teen pregnancy; 24.4% of all of the country’s pregnancies correspond to adolescents between 15-19 years of age. This alarming figure promotes higher incidences of school desertion, and the perpetuation of the poverty cycle among girls.

Since 2000, Casa Alianza Nicaragua, has been monitoring the rising phenomenon of teen pregnancy and thus, developed a holistic program that established the Mother – Baby Residence (MBR) to address this predicament.

The comprehensive care model developed has fostered the physical and emotional rehabilitation of pregnant teenage mothers and their babies, through the help of our psychologists, social workers, and resident educators.

Casa Alianza’s model has been recognized nationally and is one of only 2 organizations that work with young mothers across the country.

The political instability and social violence undergoing in Nicaraguan since April 19th, 2018 and now COVID19, has led to an increase in demand for our services. Children, particularly girls, are more prone to being victims of violence and exploitation.


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