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Advocacy and prevention at La Alianza


For several years, ALA and several organisations at the Coordinating Group of Civil Society on Immigration (GASCMM –for its acronym on Spanish-), have presented proposals to regulate immigration with a focus on human rights, human security and gender, and to adequately address from these approaches the issues involved in irregular immigration, such as sexual violence and trafficking.

The proposal related to this matter was the “Immigration Code”, which is currently under discussion by articles at the Congress, finding some obstacles by some Congressmen who oppose the aforementioned approaches. We will continue the advocacy of this legislation.

With the Regional Network of Civil Organizations for Immigration (RROCM –for its acronym in Spanish), in which ALA is involved, we are working to build a regional strategy to suggest policies and protocols of care for immigrants, with a human rights approach

La Alianza is part of the Linking Organisation for Guatemala’s Civil Society on Migration, currently promoting the proclamation of the Migration Code


Alliance for Prosperity Plan

ALA, from its participation at GASCOMM, is actively contributing with the advocacy efforts so the Alliance for Prosperity Plan -that the United States of America has begun to implement in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras- ensures a comprehensive approach to human development at communities the of immigrants.


In March 2017,  La Alianza took place in reviewing & signing   the 5th Cooperation Agreement between the HR office of the Police Department and Asociación La Alianza, to conduct a series of workshops on Human Trafficking and the applicable legal framework – working to make life safer

ALA is part of the Institutional Coordinator for the Promotion of the Rights of Children (CIPRODENI ). Working  to unify criteria, and share methodologies and best practices.

ALA are also part of the Child Network (Red niño-niña), where recently, two alternative reports -prepared in the same network-, were shared with various social organisations: 1) The Universal Periodic Evaluation (EPU) of the situation of children in Guatemala; and 2) Noncompliance of Guatemala of the education goals established for the period 2000-2015 at the “Education for All” event in Dakar, and assumed by the Guatemalan government as a country commitment.


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