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Sponsor a Place for a child

Could you help us guarantee a place for every child in need ?

We developed our child sponsorship scheme, to  allow supporters like you to contribute to the cost of providing a place for every child who desperately needs it. With your help we can help more children leave the dangerous streets and start to live the life every child deserves.

To change their life from this :



To this with your help :








By pledging £20 a month, you will be helping to:


  • funding the day-to-day necessities that children need to survive – a warm bed, a hot meal, essential medicines and personalised attention


  • by helping them go to  school
  • attending counselling sessions to overcome trauma
  • vocational training
  • the children we reach can have hope for the future


  • to help them be assisted by specialised legal services,the vulnerable children we help can take the first steps towards an autonomous life.

When you become a Compass Children’s Charity sponsor child, you will receive:

  • four newsletters (printed or email) each year
  • a Child Sponsor enrolment certificate
  • an annual report updating you on the children you have helped directly through the sponsorship program.

If you are interested in hearing more please email:


Education for all – with education every child can change their life 

A voice for street children, together we can make a difference

Join our Education for all scheme make a monthly donation of only £10 and help guarantee a formal or vocational education place for children in Guatemala.

We firmly believe that every child has the basic right to an education,  but sadly many children are denied that right due to their circumstances and through no fault of their own.

We want to help tackle the problem by raising funds to help children to get in to education to improve their chances of having a future. Many of the children need extra lessons just to learn to read and write. For many academic success even at its most basic level will be a challenge which is why vocational training and skills for life are  of enormous benefit.

If you want to help children obtain a sense of pride and achievement and help them acquire an education and skills for life,then please join our scheme now.

All we are asking is a regular donation of £ 10.00 per month  – 100% of your donation will go to help children at our projects.

You can set up a regular payment via Worldpay on your credit or debit card, or through your PayPal account or via your bank with our standing order form.

If you are interested in hearing more please email:

Have you often wondered what your donation could buy?

Below are some tangible things that your donation could buy … regular monthly donations for these items would be even more beneficial to the children.

To see how your donations have helped one child , click here for Jimmy’s story …


£12   would pay for three daily meals, milk and baby food for one mother and her child for a week.

£15  will enable one street child in Mexico to undergo detoxification to help them off drugs and begin a future

£20  will pay for a week’s worth of prevention activities to give Children living in high risk situations alternatives to leaving  home for the street

£20.00 a month will help provide a place for a child to leave the streets

£30    could pay for two new baby cots at the young mother’s home

£50    could pay group therapy sessions for 14 mothers, to help  overcome the traumas they have lived through.

£55    will pay for street children in Honduras to receive medical treatment for serious  injuries for a month.

£100  would enable one mother to study a vocational course and gain the qualifications to build a bright future for themselves  and their child

£160  will pay for the monthly salary of a street outreach worker to respond to the urgent needs of the children on the streets

£300  will provide one month’s worth of counselling sessions to children in crisis in Honduras.

£500   will pay for hot, nutritious meals and snacks for 90 children for one week

£1,000 will pay for educational sessions for one year to children to overcome illiteracy and allow them to begin school for the first time

£2,000  will pay for a team of outreach workers to work in schools for a year in Guatemala, identifying children at risk and working with their families to prevent them from becoming street children.

£5,000  will pay for a doctor’s salary for one year in Honduras, to provide immediate medical attention to street children and children in our residential home

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