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Dare to dream – a story of Evelyn and Rosa

Evelyn        Rosa  Rosa’s picture


Our appeal shares with you the hopes and dreams of two of the children who have been lucky enough to find a place of safety and hope at Casa Alianza Mexico.

Evelyn and Rosa have been able to heal, grow, learn, and hopefully have the opportunity to build a future with a strong base for financial resilience and social inclusion.

Both Evelyn and Rosa have fulfilled their dreams and hopes for the future with the amazing help of our friends and colleagues at Casa Alianza Mexico and are looking to take their next steps towards their futures.

Evelyn wants to train to become a nurse. We are looking to raise £ 2,400 to help Evelyn start her journey to become a nurse.

Rosa wants to become an educator with Casa Alianza, and we are looking to raise £2200 so Rosa can start her teacher training.

We would like to share some pictures Evelyn and Rosa made to show how they feel about the chances they have been given at Casa Alianza and little bit about their stories.

Evelyn – “When I used to live on the street, I was very scared and sad. Casa Alianza gave me my life back; they helped me to work hard on my studies and to accomplish my dream to apply to train to be a nurse and help other children just like me”

We need to support Evelyn going forward to her training by helping her to buy books, pay towards her accommodation, uniform, and a tablet.

CAN YOU DONATE TO HELP EVELYN ACHIEVE HER DREAM?                                                    

donate using our QR code today

Rosa – “The hands signify the people who support us, the dove is us and the sun is the future that waits for us now we are safe at Casa Alianza Mexico.

I am working hard at school so that I can achieve my dream of becoming an educator here at CAM – to work to help more children that live in fear and despair”


We can’t do this work without your help and this year has been incredibly tough on all of our projects with escalating costs on food, services and a sharp rise in children needing our help.

Donate via our QR code today or online at our website

Or by cheque or CAF voucher – thank you

What your donation could buy

  • £ 5           3 x meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a day
  • £ 10        Helps buy study materials
  • £ 20       Clothing/ Uniforms
  • £ 30       One month’s English Tuition
  • £ 50       Specialist text books
  • £150      1 x Laptop
  • £100     Psychiatric treatment for a month
  • £150     Vocational training – Computers 3-month course
  • £200    Arts Equipment x 20 children
  • £300    Sports Equipment/ Clothing Bundle x 20 children

You can help more vulnerable children to dream.

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