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Virtual Gifts

Make a child smile and feel valued by donating today

We have set up our virtual gifts page to enable you as a valued supporter to donate towards making a difference for our children. In a world where we waste so much buying unwanted items why not buy a virtual gift to benefit street connected children instead. You can explain your choice to your friends and family and encourage them to “pay if forward” by taking part in the scheme as well?

Reducing waste and unwanted goods and making a huge difference to the lives of our children. We really hope you will take part today – make a donation and change a young life.

There are many choices that will make a difference to a child today

We want to give all vulnerable children a better life this year. With your help, every child we work with will receive a meal, vital services and most importantly, hope. For children still living on the streets, Casa Alianza gives them a chance to leave the  streets for good. Can you help transform the lives of homeless children this year by making a donation now

You could also choose to donate to many other areas

  • £ 50.00 could pay for group therapy sessions for a child for a month to help overcome the traumas they have  lived through.
  • £60.00 could pay for street children in Honduras to receive medical treatment for serious  injuries for a month.
  • £ 200.00 could pay for the monthly salary of a street outreach worker to respond to the urgent needs of the children on the streets
  • £500.00 could pay for hot, nutritious meals and snacks for 90 children for one week
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