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Our work in the UK

A UK-registered charity, we work to raise funds to support street children across Latin America, while campaigning constantly to make the UK public aware of the reality of what’s happening on the other side of the globe. Our UK work is varied – from individual and corporate fundraising, to campaigning, to influential action on advocacy.

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Scourged by natural disasters, decades of atrocities and state-sponsored brutality, the former Mayan land of modern-day Guatemala has a way of scorching itself into your memory. In its capital city, our work centres around the young and adolescent girls who have suffered sexual violence in all its forms – empowering them with the tools they need to turn themselves from objects into subjects.

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Facing extreme poverty, chronic unemployment and the highest homicide rate in the world, Honduras is becoming an increasingly lawless place. This is a country where children are tortured to death for refusing to join the gangs who dominate the streets and news. Our role here is to reach as many children as possible, before it’s too late.

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Mexico is a country of contrasts, and you see plenty of them every single day on its cities’ streets. Even after over 25 years at the front line in Mexico City, we are still appalled to see an affluent businessman walk past the limp body of an HIV-positive little boy, who’s been forced to prostitute himself with men all night simply to avoid starvation. For the countless Mexican children in this situation, Casa Alianza is their only hope.

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Whether it’s marching into the ‘death alleyways’ of Managua’s eastern market or taking first-aid essentials to the children who exist on the city’s rubbish dumps, Casa Alianza Nicaragua staff save lives on a daily basis. We help children overcome their addictions, work towards an education and training, and above all, start to see themselves as individuals who deserve their place in the world.

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