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Give the Gift of Hope – Can you help give a new beginning to a vulnerable child ?

Below are 2 inspirational stories from just two of the children you have helped. *Santiago and Carolina

Each child’s story begins on the streets.

 Santiago, a 14-year-old boy from Nicaragua said

 The street outreach team saved my life “

 When Santiago lost all hope, Casa Alianza Nicaragua offered him friendship, when he trusted no-one their support was unconditional, Casa Alianza were there every day for him. When in desperation Santiago turned to glue to try and forget his traumatic past, they offered him an alternative to the streets and help to overcome his past.

Without your donations, we couldn’t have worked with Santiago. Our work  transformed his life and he now has hope for the future.

Can you help do the same for another child?

Any gift from you… No matter how big or small is a reminder to our children that even from afar, you are with them at each step through life’s journey.


will pay for a week’s worth of prevention activities to give Children living in high risk situations alternatives to leaving home for the street

£30 Provides urgent medical care, psycho-social care and detoxification treatment, enabling a child to take the first steps to recovery in a supportive environment.
£50 Provides a child with a bed for the night, a hot and nutritious Christmas meal and a present. For some children, this will be the first present they have ever received.


£ 200

Covers the salary of a street outreach worker at Christmas to continue working with children like Santiago when they need us most.


Covers the cost of a vocational course & qualifications for young mothers

In the spirit of hope, renewal, and the promise of new beginnings, we bring you a powerful story written by Carolina, who is living at La Alianza Guatemala.

Carolina is one of the many children you have supported over the years and who’s life you have helped transform. Please donate today to help more children

Carolina’s Story…

My name is Carolina, I lived with my family – my father left my mother when I was little, and she was responsible for looking after the entire family. She eventually decided to rebuild her life with a new partner and that’s when my nightmare began.

When I was 11 years old my stepfather sexually abused me. He would do it when my mother went to work and left me alone in the house. He threatened to kill my mother and hurt my brothers if I said anything. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. So, I kept quiet to protect my family.

The abuse didn’t stop there. It carried on. Every single day. I felt physically ill – my stomach ached, I was nauseous, and I felt dizzy. My mother was worried and took me to the health centre.

I found out I was 4 months pregnant. My mother was shocked, but I was afraid. I still couldn’t tell her anything. My stepfather threatened me again – forcing me to say my school friend was the father otherwise he would hurt my mother.

I never wanted to be pregnant. I tried to commit suicide several times. When my daughter was born, I couldn’t cope and tried to kill my daughter.

That’s when my mother took me to Association La Alianza (ALA) for shelter and protection.

When I arrive at La Alianza, I was at  crisis point. It was the dedication and support the staff gave me, that helped me to rebuild my life.

I received psychological therapy and a dedicated social worker to help me work through the anger and resentment I felt. The therapists helped me to understand my daughter was not at fault and little by little, I began to slowly share my life with my daughterWe slowly began to build a bond and she soon became my reason for living.

I attended the workshops at La Alianza and learnt how to take care of my daughter and how to build a future for myself. I  was given opportunities to learn new skills and support to continue studying.

Today I celebrate my life… I have a beautiful daughter, I am working and studying and have goals for the future. La Alianza taught me this, which I now believe:

I am a strong woman with rights and potential to achieve what I want, and each day will be even better and full of promise”

Support for Carolina doesn’t end here… She is beginning her journey towards independence and we have committed to helping her every step of the way….

But we can’t do this without YOUR support.

Can you help give a new beginning to a vulnerable child like Carolina ?

Thousands of children like Carolina desperately need our help…

For Carolina, we were a lifeline where she had nowhere else to turn to. Can you help us be that lifeline by making a donation?

Just £5 a week could provide the following:

  • Specialised trauma therapy, psychological support, and group therapy to help deal with abuse, neglect, and violence.
  • Food, shelter, clothing, and medical care – including drug detoxification and long-term health care
  • Opportunities and support to pursue education, vocational training or employment.

With YOUR help, we can offer even more vulnerable children a place to be safe, develop resilience and a sense of hope and ultimately to be children. 

Tragically we know there are more children like Carolina who need us to be their voice…

Will need us to protect them… And will need us to stand up for them.

  • We cannot to do this without YOU.
  • You are their family.
  • Please sign up to regular giving and support a child today.
  • Or make a one-off donation to our work


Thank you for your unfaltering support to give Latin America’s most vulnerable children a life free from the streets.

Thanks to your help over 85% of children at Casa Alianza now feel positive about their future.

Without you, they never dreamed they would arrive at this point.

Thank you

*Not the real names of the children who’s stories we have shared

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