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Sign up to protect the rights of all girls everywhere – they need you to use your voice

La Alianza, Guatemala attended an event that highlighted one of the many issues experienced by girls in Guatemala,

I Have Dreams to Fulfil, No to Child Marriage. The report is about the supervision results of Decree 8-2015 and Agreement 12-2016 of the Supreme Court of Justice.

They also attended the presentation of The Final Report of the 6th National Survey on Maternal and Child Health 2014-2015.

Both reports generate important data on the reality of children and adolescents in Guatemala.

It is very important to all at both Compass Children’s Charity and La Alianza Guatemala that girls’ rights and the freedom to choose and be safe are upheld and promoted. Due the extreme poverty in Guatemala and the casual acceptance of violence towards women – girls are at a disadvantage from the very moment they are born – leaving them vulnerable to many abuses and violence and the risk of being trafficked. Many girls get pregnant whilst caught up in these scenarios causing the cycle to perpetuate.


We need to all stand together to eradicate the casual and systematic abuse of the rights of girls wherever they are in the World.


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