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La Alianza Guatemala and its work with Community Support networks:

La Alianza Guatemala and its work with Community Support networks:

One of the strategies of the “Growing in Peace” project is the formation of Community Support Networks (RAC in Spanish) made up of people from these organisations and the people within these communities.

These networks have carried out several actions, such as counselling in cases of violence against children and adolescents, referrals, accompaniments of individuals reintegrated by ALA, and others.

ALA has given a series of workshops for these networks on various topics:

  • Risks of social networks
  • support networks
  • gender violence
  • trafficking in persons and their modalities
  • rights and responsibilities of children
  • parental skills
  • emotion management skills
  • and the route of denunciation, accompaniment of victims

These networks are currently active in Mixco, Villa Nueva, Amatitlán, Villa Canales, San Juan Sacatepéquez and San José Pinula.

The work done in the communities is important. While our girls at ALA receive comprehensive care and tools for life, the community work done allows us to work with people who may become a supporter for the girls being reintegrated into their communities. They exercise their citizenship by protecting children and adolescents.

This work comprises the organization of workshops, forums, film forums, play activities, theatre, etc., to bring valuable information and thus prevent further abuse of children and adolescents.

An appreciation and integration activity was carried out for our girls, children and adolescents.

The Prevention department, along with some of our girls built a playhouse that symbolizes their stay at ALA. Inside the house they wrote phrases they want to hear and make them feel safe, despite being away from their family.

An interesting experience that reminded us that we are their temporary family even though we are not blood family.

But there’s another family… they don’t have to look out for you and they don’t have to love you. They choose to.” (Dennis Lehane)


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