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Have fun and raise funds for us in the Justgiving 2.6 challenge

Help fundraise for Compass Children’s Charity from the safety of your own home

JustGiving have issued a 2.6 challenge with fund ideas to help raise funds for the work of Charities in these challenging times.

Join in here ….

Challenge friends!

Don’t fancy going solo?

Think of a challenge friends can have fun with and tag them to complete it.

Create your 2.6 challenge page

2.6 miles on a unicycle?
26 hours of yoga?

The only limit is your imagination …..

Create a JustGiving page for your charity and ask family and friends to donate.

To support us 

How to get involved

Charities need your support now more than ever.

So, if you can make a donation (big or small), it would mean the world to us.

You could even go one step further by creating a JustGiving page, collecting donations from family and friends too.

Here are some ideas for you to consider …..

TwoPointSixChallenge – Here are 26 fun ideas of how you, along with your friends and family, can participate in the 2.6 Challenge and help save the UK’s charities.

With the family
• Who can do the most skips in 26 seconds
• Build a tower out of 26 different objects
• 26m three legged race
• Find 26 items that start with each letter of the alphabet
• Draw 26 rainbows
• Build the biggest lego tower in 2.6 minutes
• Sponsored silence for 2.6 minutes
• Read 26 books with the kids
• Who can fill up the most water balloons in 26 minutes
• Throw 26 water balloons with the children…

On your own
• Learn to count to 26 in a different language
• Walk 2.6km inside your house
• Binge 26 episodes of your favourite show
• Run 2.6 miles
• Bake 26 cupcakes
• Walk up and down the stairs 26 times
• Juggle for 26 minutes
• Run up and down your street 26 times
• Challenge yourself to 26 press-ups
• Shoot 26 basketball hoops

With a group
• 26 question quiz with 26 friends
• Get 26 friends together for a virtual workout
• Camp out in your garden on the 26th of April
• Dance to music with friends for 26 minutes
• Host a virtual supper with 26 friends
• 26 minutes of a musical on Zoom

Get involved, have fun and raise funds for street children in need – thank you

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