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Covid 19 Urgent Appeal — “We’re racing against time to keep our children safe…”

Covid 19 Urgent Appeal — “We’re racing against time to keep our children safe…”

We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well during this difficult and unsettling time in our lives.
Since the pandemic began, all our partners have been reflecting on the global advice to maintain social distancing, wash your hands with clean water or antibacterial gel and stay at home. If you are living on the streets in Latin America, it is your worst nightmare come true.
Our partners are desperately trying to work with as many children as possible to help them leave the streets and have a place of safety. At some of our sites, we are at maximum capacity, working to home school over 100 children in some cases and ensure they have access to round the clock medical care during this uncertain time.
Our partners desperately need your help – anything you can give today, will help keep our children safe.

Thank you
(chair of Trustees)

“We’re racing against time to keep our children safe…” — can you help today ?

As the Covid 19 impact deepens, many of us at Compass have taken a moment to pause and reflect on the impact it has had on our lives. Whilst poverty and insecurity persist in the UK, for the most part, we are fortunate to have shelter, social networks in the form of friends and family that we can still connect with by phone, email and a number of social media platforms.

We are fortunate to have an incredible National Health Service, one that without question, provides quality care and with staff who are working tirelessly under incredibly difficult circumstances.

In the partner countries we support, children have not been this fortunate. Medical care comes at a cost – even in these desperate times. If you’re living on the streets, being denied any medical care is a daily reality. You’re viewed as likely to cause trouble or to steal from the medical facility.

In Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, the impact of Covid 19 is just beginning. Our partners here have seen the impact in countries like Spain, UK and Italy with world class health facilities and know that their countries do not have the resources or infrastructure to respond in a similar way.

Therefore, we are really racing against time to keep the children at Casa Alianza safe. With schools and colleges suspending classes, all children are on lock down at the residential facility. This has required staff to work longer hours to provide individualized care, sites have had to purchase additional cleaning supplies, source additional food from a variety of sources as shop shelves become empty and food scarce and to ensure we have round the clock medical staff to quickly respond to children who may become ill.

Can you help us today to keep our children safe?

Just £20 today could enable us to purchase:

• Stocks of soap and antibacterial gel;
• Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves and masks;
• Books and games to support schoolwork and activities

We are also seeking to support our partners with longer term needs such as:

• Salaries to cover staff working longer hours;
• Purchase of medicines and ensuring a medical professional is always on site;
• Additional food to for staff and children in residence.

Please, click HERE to donate online.

We also accept card donations via PayPal (no need to sign up just make the donation using your card like any other payment).

Donating via PayPal on our website ensures that your funds will reach us within 2 hours of making your donation

Every single donation will make a huge difference.


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