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Dangerous Political unrest in Nicaragua

Dangerous Political unrest in Nicaragua

Last week, Nicaragua descended into hell. The government has turned its back on its people, more than that, it has brutally killed those who are protesting against its social security reforms.

President Daniel Ortega proposed a change that would make taxpayers pay more money but cuts payouts to beneficiaries. Nicaragua is already one of the poorest countries in Latin America, and many people would not be able to pay the even higher taxes the government has proposed.

Peaceful protests broke out across the country. They quickly turned violent when police forces also took to the streets to brutally injure — and sometimes kill — those who were speaking out against Ortega’s policies. The government started killing the people they can’t feed, shutting down TV stations in the country, and censoring the internet and radio to hide its massacre.

Human rights organizations say that dozens have been killed, including at the hands of the police. A journalist and two police officers are also among the dead.

Most of all knowledge of what has been happening in the country is due to social media, which has been filled with images of brutal police beatings through the #SOSNicaragua hashtag. Those who tweet from the country have also been targeted.

  • The Children at Casa Alianza have had to stay inside the buildings to ensure their safety.
  • No child has gone to school or undertaken any activities outside the centre to protect their lives.
  • Many staff have stayed on site 24/7 to protect the children they look after.
  • Some staff members have had friends and relatives beaten and shot.
  • There is a deep fear and worry amongst the children and staff about what happens next.
  • We are making an urgent appeal to increase security and care for the children in residence.

If you would like to make a donation to ensure the safety of the children at Casa Alianza Nicaragua we would be very grateful

 Thank you

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