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Psychology – the benefits to the girls at La Alianza , Guatemala

Psychology – the benefits to the girls at La Alianza , Guatemala (written by the team at ALA)

During the week of October 8 to 12, the psychologists from La Alianza accompanied 3 child and adolescent girls who were selected to participate in the recording of a television report by journalist Verónica Orantes, from Guatevisión. This was about the experiences of forced pregnancies and motherhood imposed on the girls, currently under the shelter and protection of La Alianza.

They were chosen for their stories and advances in their therapeutic processes, giving them the opportunity to narrate their experiences, talk about their lives, have their voices heard, thereby strengthening their healing processes.

The report, aired in November, sought to raise awareness about the reality in Guatemala, generalised and normalised by many people, as well as to inform about the particular attention these girls receive and the support they need. The role of the psychotherapist was to contain, support, retro-feed and accompany the girls through this process, which is crucial, and to a great extent, determines success and avoids the re-victimisation of the girls.

You can donate to the health and well being of the girls at la Alianza by clicking here :

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