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Press release from Casa Alianza Honduras

Press release from Casa Alianza Honduras

Casa Alianza Honduras

In light of the murder of ESTEFANY YOLANY LÓPEZ, aged 11, Casa Alianza Honduras would like to inform the national and international community that:

It expresses its solidarity with the relatives of the murdered girl and condemns this crime, for which the current government must take direct responsibility.

  1. The vehicle in which the girl was travelling along with three other people was shot at by hit men.
  2. The father of the murdered girl is a leader of the social movement in the city of Choloteca, a city which has become a bastion of resistance to the current government.

In light of this crime, Casa Alianza Honduras:

  1. Deeply regrets the loss of human life, especially where children are involved as they ought to be subject to the protection of the state and not victims of state violence.
  2. In the context of the citizens’ protests, paramilitaries have been found to be striking or firing at demonstrators, while being protected by state security forces.
  3. The murder of ESTEFANY YOLANY LÓPEZ, aged 11, brings the number of crimes against children during the people’s demonstrations to seven; each of these remains willfully in impunity.

Casa Alianza Honduras calls for:

  1. An exhaustive investigation by law enforcement officials so that this murder does not remain in impunity, like so many other crimes. The fact that children and youths participating in the people’s demonstrations are murdered, shot and injured or beaten on a recurring basis raises questions as to whether this forms part of a policy of repression against the demonstrators.


Tegucigalpa, Distrito Central, 8 July 2019

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