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Our EASTER APPEAL 2021 is for the girls at LA ALIANZA GUATEMALA who are survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking & those at risk.

Our EASTER APPEAL 2021 is for the girls at LA ALIANZA GUATEMALA who are survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking & those at risk.

We are recognising the 10th anniversary of the programme and its amazing work with our appeal to raise funds to reach out to more vulnerable girls to keep them safe, to protect their rights, to live without violence, to receive an education, to pursue justice against those who perpetrated violence against them and to live safely and freely. 

La Alianza has helped 837 girls from March 2011 to date, an astonishing achievement

La Alianza (ALA) has many strengths that have allowed it to grow over the past 10 years & carry out its work with outstanding results: It has an extensive, secure infrastructure; with a high commitment to the defence of the rights of the girls, often in a very unstable, violent, and discriminatory environment.

ALA works with victims of trafficking & sexual violence, who are accompanied throughout their therapeutic, medical, reintegration, educational, vocational, and legal processes, among others. This places staff members and the girls themselves at a high risk of threats to their safety and even their lives.

The truth is Guatemala is a violent and unsafe country. It is a society that normalises violence across generations, especially sexual violence towards girls.

What we do – La Alianza’s care methodology is transformative, with four main objectives:

  • Protection – providing a place of safety, food, clothes & care
  • Prevention – providing education & vocational training to enable a secure
  • Access to justice –obtain identity papers & reparation against the perpetrators of violence, trafficking
  • Advocacy – being a voice for a population who are lost &

Why we do it:

When the girls arrive at ALA their rights have been violated and they have been affected in many ways that will mark their lives: Teenage and/or forced pregnancies, imposed maternity; stigmatisation, guilt, fear, post-­? traumatic stress. They trust no-­?one & live in a state of constant fear

  • Girls are in a state of acute trauma, some arrive in a state of malnutrition, having come from situations of extreme poverty, or been rescued from
  • The pandemic has caused the fragile situation to escalate with violence increasing exponentially.
  • Most girls who arrive at ALA have not completed primary education or have studied only a few years. Some are illiterate, giving them no chance to improve their futures by way of
  • Many girls have no forms of identity and so do not “exist”. They are unable to obtain healthcare, education, justice or return to their own countries in the case of internally displaced

What we need:

We are asking you to help us raise funds for these vulnerable girls who are victims of trafficking, sexual violence and at risk, as well as young mothers and their babies, to help provide:

  • A residential place of
  • Psychosocial, medical, psychiatric health care,
  • Educational and vocational
  • Legal representation for justice and identity
  • Art and sports activities for health and
  • Nursery care for babies & young children with early care education for development

How you can help us to raise the funds for an additional 15 girls to the programme

Clothes, shoes, and personal items £     500
Food £     600
Residential educator £ 1,750
Psychologist £ 1,500
Social worker £ 2,000
Attorney £ 800
Medical & hospital costs & medicines £ 1,200
Vocational training £ 950
Cost for 1 year for 15 extra girls £ 9,300

 This works out at £ 51.00 per girl per month for a year

We understand this is quite a commitment to ask for your help. Maybe you could commit to helping for a year as part of a group? with your church or friends, or with work colleagues?

We are happy to receive donations of any size, one off or regular gifts to help 

We hope you can donate to this amazing programme and help save the lives of many more girls who need your help. Thank you from Sue & Trustees – Mark (chair), Sheila, Alice, Raquel, and Rebecca.


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