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Casa Alianza Nicaragua

National Director: María José Argüello Ramos

Year Established: 1998

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, a country of outstanding natural beauty; but one where children and teenagers face absolute poverty, indifference from society and ongoing political instability which are the fundamental obstacles to their development as happy and successful adults.

Casa Alianza Nicaragua cares for children and adolescents at their residential facility, The Hilton home, which was constructed in 2000, after Casa Alianza won the Conrad H. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, for its work improving the lives of the most disadvantaged.

The Hilton Home, based in Managua, cares for up to 94 boys and girls per night, between the ages of 12 and 18. All children who reside at the home have experienced some form of abuse, neglect and violence either in their family home, at the hands of traffickers or on the streets. Many children misused substances such as solvents or marijuana to suppress hunger pains and to numb their feelings of pain, humiliation and exploitation as were raped, trafficked or sexually exploited. The residential home provides holistic care to each child, responding to their physical and emotional needs which includes:

  • Comprehensive medical care, treatment and support for children living with complex care needs such as HIV;
  • Mental health care – including counselling, psychological care and group therapy;
  • Dedicated social workers to support each child with their progress and to develop life plans, with realistic milestones and tangible goals;
  • Enrolment to education, vocational/technical training or apprenticeships.
  • Access to recreational activities including the Arts, cultural activities, and sports programmes.
  • Family reintegration services;
  • Legal aid services to support children prosecute traffickers or those that have committed gross human rights violations against children.

Since extreme poverty is one of the most important reasons for the abandonment of children in Nicaragua, Casa Alianza Nicaragua has taken steps to help family members build futures through employment opportunities. Small Business Creation for Mothers is a programme that offers vocational courses in sewing, bakery, jewellery making, metalwork, computing and small business administration to adolescent mothers living in our shelters.

We are always seeking funding for the following programmes in Nicaragua:

  • Street outreach
  • Educational Programmes
  • Adolescent mothers and babies programme.

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Capital city: Managua
Population: 6,167,237
Size: 130,375 km2
GDP ranking 134 (out of 185)
Peace index 120 (out of 163)

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