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News from La Alianza,Guatemala

La Alianza, Guatemala is very proactive in making life better for the girls it looks after and all children and youth in Guatemala.

To this end they participate wherever they see exceptional opportunities to propose and discuss actions that will be of benefit for the children and adolescents in Guatemala.

In June La Alianza, Guatemala took part in some high level important meeting, including:

  • Participation in the High-level National Dialogue for Childhood and adolescence.
  • Participation in the elaboration, validation and lobbying of a new law for the national system of protection
  • of Childhood and adolescence.
  • Participation in the Interinstitutional Commission Against trafficking
  • -Presentation of the book “Treatment for Adolescents victims of sexual abuse ” -Gioconda Batres, where the National Director of ALA, Carolina Escobar Sarti, presented this work which has been tested in Latin America

“Childhood and adolescence is the responsibility of all”


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