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Karla’s story:

Safe Paths – Karla’s Story – Appeal Feb 2017   click here to download the full newsletter or to share with your friends..

Sadly, whilst so many of our children were able to enjoy the warmth, safety and celebrations
of Christmas, we were painfully reminded of a report, released by WOLA (a leading research and Latin American advocacy organisation), that documented over the last two years, 420,000 migrants that left Central American countries and migrated to Mexico. Tragically over half of these were children and over 90% were fleeing due to violence they faced in their own country. A mere 2,800 had asylum applications processed.
The fate of the rest?
Deported back to their home, returning them to the hands of traffickers, gangs and unthinkable danger. “Karla” explains how she was stabbed twice after refusing to work for a local gang in Honduras. She felt her life was at risk and decided to flee. During her gruelling journey, through the harsh terrain of Mexico, she was sexually assaulted. She was detained by Mexican migration authorities and recounts being quickly deported without the option to seek protection.
Karla’s story is sadly not unique. We are hearing time and time again similar stories and enough is enough. Together we must ensure unaccompanied refugee and migrant children are protected and not further abused as they seek safety.

This  is an appeal for the street and migrant children who are part of the Safe Paths programme run by Casa Alianza Mexico.
Your chance to help more children like “Karla”.

Can you help us provide these children with first response care
and treatment…? This comprehensive service includes:
• Access to legal recourse so we can support a child to navigate the complicated legal process;
• Post Traumatic Street (PTS) counselling to start to unravel the trauma they faced;
• Safe accommodation free from harm
• A chance to go to school and start over, building a safe new life free from violence

Times are extremely difficult, but whatever you are able to give – no matter how modest it may seem to you, it goes a long way and delivers tremendous impact and real change.

What your help could provide…
• £20.00 could pay for medicine for a child
• £30.00 could pay for clothes for a child
• £50.00 could pay for food for a child for a month
• £100.00 could pay for 3 counsellors for a month
Unaccompanied migrant and street children arrive to Mexico City from wider Mexico and other Central American countries. Many of the children have left home due to violence, abuse and wider violations of their human rights and sadly are subject to further abuse and violence on the streets they are forced to beg, steal or sell their bodies in exchange for shelter or food. Casa Alianza can be their only hope.Children will have a safe place to live and access to multi-disciplinary services, to support their recovery and positive reintegration back into society, the opportunity to return to school, encouraged to make healthy decisions and will be supported through workshops to improve their self-confidence and their resilience to life’s adversities. Through this intervention, children will be able to break the cycle of abuse and violence and with our support, build a bright future.

If you can make a donation today you will make the difference to the life of a child – with your help, together we can save more children from fear and violence.

Thank you.


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