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Join our birthday gift scheme – Helping children to learn the meaning of giving:

Join our birthday gift scheme – Helping children to learn the meaning of giving:

We love the idea shown below – in a society where children are overwhelmed and bombarded with commercialism from a very young age – what better idea than to learn to “give back” to those who are less fortunate than themselves.

Many of the street children we represent have never even had a safe home, let alone had their birthdays celebrated or had gifts or a party for their “special” day

It would be amazing for them to understand that children here are thinking of them and want to include them in the celebration of their birthday by making the gesture and sending money to help.

We have a birthday fund for their donations – all funds collected will be sent to our project partners to buy children at the programme a special gift for their birthday and a cake and card.

Would you like to help us with this fund? – You can donate here to make a difference

All ages can join in this fundraising effort – children and the “child” at heart members of our supporters

This is how the scheme can work …..

  • Every child that is fortunate to have a birthday party can make a difference to those less fortunate.
  • Birthday child requests no presents at their party, but a voluntary cash donation.
  • Cash proceeds are then divided, birthday child buys one desired present for him/herself with half the funds.
  • The remainder is donated to Compass Children’s Charity for a chosen project
  • The birthday donations could be collected and sent to us cumulatively if more than one child in a friendship group takes part
  • This gives children the opportunity to help save and improve other children’s lives and cuts down on unwanted gifts and waste – a win win situation for us all

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