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From Casa Alianza Honduras – Following is the press release from the Regional Network of Civil Organisations for Migration (RROCM) on the termination of the DACA program.

A continuación el comunicado de prensa de la Red Regional de Organizaciones Civiles para las Migraciones (RROCM) sobre la finalización del programa DACA.

Trump Administration Ends DACA

The Regional Network of Civil Organizations for Migration (RROCM) expresses its solidarity with the more than 800,000 young migrants in the United States who took advantage of the Deferred Action Program for those who arrived in childhood. This initiative, which was a temporary measure, allowed many young people who grew up in the United States to study, work, and live without fear of being deported. These young people were able to demonstrate that immigrants are a contribution to destination societies and that with a regular status can take advantage of work and study opportunities and contribute to the society, economy and culture of the country where they have grown and lived most of his life.

The RROCM regrets that the Trump Administration has resolved to terminate DACA. This action is a setback for the protection of children and youth in the United States, and contributes to strengthening an environment of discrimination and xenophobia. The beneficiaries of the DACA program will not be able to renew the document that gave them the certainty that they would not be deported and allowed them to work. This means that gradually the beneficiaries of DACA will return to the irregular migratory condition, increased their labor vulnerability and with the risk of being deported.

The end of DACA is a setback for the protection of migrants, and in particular migrant children and youth. Measures like these only increase the vulnerability of migrants. RROCM member organizations call for solidarity with DACA beneficiaries and urge the United States Congress to pass legislation protecting these young people by offering them opportunities to regularize their residence in the States and to project their lives and their future in the society in which they grew up.


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