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Every child deserves a future – appeal for education for children in Honduras

Children like Jose (shown in the room allocated to be an extra educational space after refurbishment ) who came to us just before the lockdown having travelled to the city with his older brother to escape violence, poverty, and local gangs in his hometown.

When the boys came to us neither of them had been able to regularly attend school and their educational age was many years below what it should be. Only 42% of all children in Honduras attend school regularly and through to graduation.

For street connected children all rights are denied them whilst on the street – education, health care, the right to an identity or a place of safety to live.

Many of our children are ashamed to not be able to read and write and like all children have dreams to improve their futures, become safe and secure, achieve financial resilience become socially included and have control of their lives moving forward

We are looking to raise funds for:

  • Technology supplies (10 computers, 1 printer, 10 tablets, 10 headphones,)
  • School supplies and educational material
  • Internet costs
  • Furniture for the refurbished room (10 tables and chairs)

We currently provide education and vocational training to 50 children

Your donation would allow more of our children to learn better.

We are looking to raise £ 4,000.00 – can you help – DONATE HERE

As we all know the pandemic made all aspects of “normal” life impossible – street children suffered so much more because of the circumstances of their chaotic, violent lifestyles. The children who were lucky enough to be at CAH a different routine was established, and we strove to bring normality to each day. This included lessons via video calls, set work being sent by email and remote teaching. It took the children time to get used to this – but many now prefer this way of learning, as they feel safer, more supported and can work at their own speed. This process includes education for

the children of the correct level for them – providing individual and group lessons was and is very intensive and has stretched our resources to the limit. 

Our problem is that we do not have enough equipment, computers etc to help our children learn as well as they could and should be due to the pandemic and the ongoing crisis in Honduras. 

We are hoping to raise funds to: 

  • Provide a standalone computer room for children to carry out their assigned tasks and research.
  • Provide: computers, tablets, headphones, copy and printer centre, desks, and school supplies.
  • Provide and generate educational opportunities for personal and professional development after the new context of the Covid19 Pandemic.
  • Provide a virtual classroom with technology equipment to maximise education and opportunities.
  • Provide assistance to children with a multidisciplinary team to support the educational process.
  • Provide educational material requested by teachers during the school year (study guides, cards, slides).

In the current climate virtual learning is paramount and we require funds to educate our children safety and proactively to restore the right to education routinely denied to street children. We already provide a place of safety to these children, but we want to improve access to education both formal and vocational, provide access to health care, for displaced unaccompanied children. Street connected and migrant children are already at a huge disadvantage & CAH provides education to children who have been denied this right in the past. Education helps with their wellbeing and resilience to life’s challenges To allow them to become financially resilient and able to provide for themselves in the future and become socially included.


  • At-risk children have improved access to education, employment and/or employment opportunities.
  • At-risk children have access to a place of safety to live and learn
  • At risk children have access to healthcare – rights denied when living on the street
  • At risk children will be monitored to ensure they are fulfilling their potential
  • At risk children will be able to access their full rights in their new home country

We are happy to receive donations of any size, one off or regular gifts, at any time,  to help the children we protect. 

Donations through our website and PayPal reach us within  2hours so this is the quickest way to get your help to our girls

Thank you for taking the time to read our appeal and helping children like Jose.

Sue & Trustees – Mark (chair), Sheila, Raquel, and Helen.

We recently lost one of our best and longest serving donor organisations who had raised funds for us over many years with events which has been a big loss to our children  – if you would be interested in becoming a charity partner to raise funds for us – please get in touch – we really need your help.


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