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Donate today to our Christmas appeal 2020

Donate today to our Christmas appeal 2020

ONE of the most enchanting activities of the holiday season is seeing joy in a child’s eyes.

YOU can bring a smile to a young person’s face as they open a gift meant just for them!




  • £ 20  could buy shoes for a child who has none
  • £25  could buy a baby outfit
  • £ 30 could buy a Christmas present for a child who has  never had a present before
  • £30  could buy 4 baby blankets
  • £40  could buy a Christmas Meal for 10 Children
  • £50  could buy medicine and therapy for a child for a month
  • £100 could buy 4 first aid kits for the street outreach team
  • £ 150 could pay for a place of safety for a child for a month


Compass Children’s Charity Christmas appeal 2020

We hope you are all well and coping in the uncertain times we are all living in.

Our children are coping incredibly well with the restrictions in their lives due entirely to the amazing staff at all of the Casa Alianza programmes. They go above and beyond to ensure that the children they care for know they are safe, loved and protected.

We are now asking for your help to make this Christmas a special one for our children.

To bring light and warmth to their lives through your caring and support.

Traditionally each year we make an appeal for gifts and activities for the children and this year is no different.

Except, of course, the festivities will need to be much more carefully planned to ensure safety at all times. This will mean that resources will be more stretched as we will need to split the activities within the social bubbles the children are living in.

  • We want to assure you of one important thing the children will be treated to gifts and a party – in many cases the first real Christmas they will have experienced .
  • For those children still living on the street, we will reach as many as we can to bring comfort, warmth and help in the darkest hours and help them in a way that they have never been helped before.
  • You have our promise on that…. And when we do, it will be because of you. It will be because people like you haven’t stopped caring and haven’t stopped loving. It will be possible because of you and only be possible because of
  •  Please take a moment to reflect on what your donation will mean to our children and what it can achieve.

We have given a small sample of what your donation could buy but please feel free to donate whatever you can.

Each donation, whatever the amount, will make a difference to the children we care for and protect – thank you for caring.

 Happy Christmas and a joyful New Year from Sue and Trustees, Mark, Sheila, Rebecca, Alice, and Raquel

P.S. Our financial need is great right now. Please help if you can.

The quickest way to get your donation to us is via our website donate button

If you choose the PayPal option, we receive your Donation within 2 hours.

You don’t need a PayPal account, just your usual debit card

We are happy to receive donations by cheque, CAF voucher or via the donate option on our website

2, The Business Exchange, Rockingham Road, Kettering, NN16 8JX. Charity no:1073903. Email


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