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Christmas celebrations at La Alianza, Guatemala: Thank you to Compass Children’s Charity supporters

During the month of December several activities were held to celebrate the end of the year. Our home was filled with coloured lights, Christmas carols, the Nativity, the visit of Santa Claus and a conviviality among the girls, teenagers and the staff of ALA.

The smiles and joy of the girls were increasing every day. One celebration entailed the visit of a clown who, between magic and games, gave the girls lots of fun and excitement to enjoy.

Food, gifts, visits, sharing, hugs and reflections were part of the Christmas experience of all the girls living together as family.

We ended the year with the presentation of a show where the girls and teenagers took part and enjoyed sketches, songs and fun  and above all sharing with the family.

Thank you to  Compass Children’s Charity who contribute every year to the girls receiving the long-awaited Christmas gift and thank you also to the staff at La Alianza who give also give gifts to the girls 

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