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Casa Alianza Honduras nominated by W.O.L.A FOR Human Rights Award 2016

Congratulations to Casa Alianza Honduras who have been nominated  by the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) to receive the “WOLA human rights award 2016”, which is given annually by the Organization.  This year, WOLA decided to recognize the work of Casa Alianza Honduras in respect of their work and care under the focus on rights of children and adolescents in abandonment and social exclusion, for more than 28 years in Honduras.  WOLA considers that the work carried out by Casa Alianza, “provides lessons of great value on how to curb violence and change the lives of at-risk youth”.   Similarly, WOLA recognizes the work of the national director, José Guadalupe Ruelas, at the head of the institution, as well as the staff “working selflessly and often at the expense of their own safety

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