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ADVOCACY: This month at La Alianza, Guatemala


This month, the Director of ALA ,organised a meeting between the Children and Adolescents (NNA) movement and the new Human Rights Ombudsman (HRO), Dr. Augusto Jordán Rodas Andrade. Ten organisations participated in the event, where the official was briefed about:

  • The current situation of children and adolescents in Guatemala
  • The home for the youth, Virgen de la Asunción, and the problems that underlie the situation there in the wake of the recent disaster
  • The compliance status on the administration of justice and guarantee of rights of that population
  • The profile of the Advocate for Child’s Rights to be appointed
  • Bill 5285, on the Comprehensive Protection System for Children and Adolescents
  • The national dialogue on policies governing NNA’s.

As a result of this session, a bi-weekly follow-up meeting was agreed.

Following the meeting, the HRO sent all participants the list of candidates for the Advocate position, to request support in the selection of the best official for the position.

On October 3, a second meeting was held, where the organizations requested the follow up on complaints of abuse in the rescue of victims, as well as supervision of the homes for the youth in charge of the Social Welfare Secretariat.

We will keep you updated on further developments and meetings.

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