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Advocacy events in February at La Alianza, Guatemala

Within the advocacy activities, during February, a group of female leaders from various social organizations of civil society gathered show manifest their support to Attorney General Thelma Aldana’s four-year term in her office. Carolina Escobar Sarti, National Director of Asociación La Alianza, among others, made reference to the valuable work of the Head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“This is now the institution that we had all dreamed off  and hoped that would be created” said Ms. Escobar Sarti during her speech, she also emphasised the Public Prosecutor’s Office is the institution where women occupy more than half of the decision- making positions.

She also noted there is a before-and-after scenario following Ms. Aldana’s tenure as Attorney General, and stressed the importance of her contributions to the welfare of the people of Guatemala, opening a different pathway for those who will follow.


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