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20th Anniversary – February news 2019

20th Anniversary – February news 2019

This year we celebrate our 20th Anniversary!

Over the last 20 years, in Nicaragua alone, your generosity has….

  • Supported over 7,593 children to leave the streets for good
  • Provided outreach care and support to over 6,832 children living on the streets
  • Prosecuted over 90 individuals who have violated children’s rights
  • Invested over £205,467 in Casa Alianza Nicaragua finding new innovative ways to work with children
  • Successfully reunited 1,072 children with their families

YOU have transformed the lives of these children.


Hello and welcome to our first newsletter of 2019…

20 years and counting

This year sees Compass celebrate our 20th anniversary! Our vision of a world where children are free, safe and can realise their potential is more relevant today than it ever has been.

Thanks to you, 90% of the children you support feel positive about their future; and 91% of children feel happier and have improved self-esteem. You have been instrumental in changing the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in Latin America.

We are focused on developing partnerships that promote a positive and measurable impact on the lives of at-risk children and adolescents through programmes and rights-based advocacy.

But our work is far from over. In the face of widespread demonization of Central American poverty and migrants, we’re seeing increased numbers of girls referred to Casa Guatemala, survivors of unimaginable abuse from trafficking. We’re also seeing an influx of unaccompanied migrant children into Mexico, and escalating violence in Honduras and Nicaragua has meant increasing numbers of homeless children are victims of horrific abuse.

Our 20th anniversary goal is to raise an extra £20,000 this year to guarantee more children a place of safety help our local partners manage increasing pressures.


Your support is invaluable to our Central American partners on the ground, providing life-saving care and treatment for vulnerable children.

An additional £20,000 will enable us to:

  • Open our doors to even more street children in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras, enabling them to escape increasing violence and insecurity. As violence escalates, children are hiding in increasingly dangerous places such as in sewers and derelict buildings, leading to complex health problems. Your support will enable us to deploy additional outreach workers to work with children living on the streets, offering emergency medical treatment and a safe alternative.
  • Provide safety and legal aid to even more unaccompanied Central American children on arrival in Mexico. These children have fled violence and persecution in their home country and urgently need post traumatic care and someone to advocate on their behalf. Your support will enable us to work with more migrant children, supporting their application for asylum so they aren’t sent back to persecution, violence or worse.
  • Every single day 33 children and young people become entrapped in sex trafficking rings in Guatemala. La Alianza provides residential & therapeutic care, legal aid and specialist child support. Additional funding would enable La Alianza to work with even more trafficking survivors, helping young girls to rebuild their lives free from fear and abuse.

Legacy Giving

Every child deserves a chance in life.

If you believe in our vision, leaving a legacy to Compass Children’s Charity is an excellent way to ensure your values and compassion will live on.

Please take a look at our legacy page and change a child’s life by leaving a legacy to us.

Do get in touch with us for further information.

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How it works: First, please sign up, this link takes you straight to our page…

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