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On 19 September 2017, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City

Casa Alianza Mexico have confirmed all the children in their care are safe but understandably terrified. Some have suffered minor injuries and have been deeply traumatised but they are safe. For now …

…But it is a race against time to keep them safe.

  • All seven of the residential homes have no power
  • Three of the seven Casa Alianza Mexico shelters have been severely damaged. An initial investigation has suggested the children will need to leave the home as the structure has been severely compromised
  • two of these have gas leaks meaning we have evacuated 50 children
  • 20 adolescent mothers & their children have had to evacuate their home – their building is unsafe
  • We urgently need to find them alternative accommodation to keep them safe.
  • Food is running low
  • We have no gas to cook for the children
  • Water is at risk of contamination

Can you help us today?

Any amount you can donate. No matter how big or small, will make a huge difference and help keep the children safe.

We are doing all we can but we need your help as a matter of huge urgency

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