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Safe paths – can you help provide a place of safety for a child ?

Our newsletter and appeal is to help street and unaccompanied migrant children find a place of safety

Click here to read the full appeal and newsletter (with a snapshot of Christmas in Mexico)

  • Over the last two years, 420,000 migrants that left Central American countries and migrated to Mexico.
  • Tragically over half of these were children and over 90% were fleeing due to violence they faced in their own country.
  • A mere 2,800 had asylum applications were processed.
  • The fate of the rest?

Deported back to their home, returning them to the hands of traffickers, gangs and unthinkable danger.

“Karla” explains how she was stabbed twice after refusing to work for a local gang in Honduras. She felt her life was at risk and decided to flee. During her gruelling journey, through the harsh terrain of Mexico, she was sexually assaulted. She was detained by Mexican migration authorities and recounts being quickly deported without the option to seek protection. Karla was unlucky, she did not get a chance to be helped at Casa Alianza Mexico – we are trying to raise funds & awareness for the other “Karla’s” in danger of the same fate.

Karla’s story is sadly not unique. We constantly hear similar stories – we need to act quickly and together, we must ensure unaccompanied refugee and migrant children are protected and not further abused as they seek safety.

This newsletter is an appeal for the street and migrant children who are part of the Safe Paths programme run by Casa Alianza Mexico. Your chance to help more children like “Karla”

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