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News from Casa Alianza Mexico

Assisted therapy horses graduation 2016

Caring for animals can support the emotional development of children, particularly to overcome trauma. Casa Alianza Mexico, use assisted horse therapy to enable children to build trusting relationships, support communication skills & enable recovery. To-date 17 children have graduated from the course.


New graduates of the program “Bécalos”

Casa Alianza Mexico has developed a “Bécalos” programme, in association with several banks in México, focussing on providing internships, leading to full time employment as they make the transition to independence.  Three teenagers from Casa Alianza Mexico have graduated from this programme, where one former resident has started a career at the office of “International Trade and Customs”, another has finished high school with a technical option in nursing and plans to continue his medical studies, and the last is studying history at university. These young people are fantastic role models for the children living at Casa Alianza Mexico.

Horse Therapy
  Horse Therapy

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