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Volunteer – in the UK

Do you have a spare 2-3 hours or more free per week?   

Working remotely and in your own time …….

We would love to hear from you, we need to raise the profile for street children to make a difference today and for the future

Do you have any specialist skills you would like to use to benefit street children….

  • We would love to hear from you if you are a fundraiser and have experience in writing funding bids and would be able to donate some time to help us.
  • Do you have PR or marketing skills that you would like to use to help us ?
  • Maybe you have great social media skills and would love to put them to use for a great cause?
  • Are you able to plan, organise and run fundraising events?
  • Are you outgoing and enjoy meeting new people? Are you able to inspire and motivate others to join you and be a part of an organisation that really makes a difference?
  • We also need support for the more ordinary tasks – helping fill envelopes for our mail-outs – not as exciting but just as vital
  • Communications expert – we would love your help
  • Corporate connections – we need to establish more on going help and links with business

If any of the above apply to you –  we would love to hear from you.

Volunteer with us – International Placements :

Currently suspended until further notice

Volunteering with one of our project partners in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, or Nicaragua can be a life-changing experience; for both you and the children you work with.  Thank you so much for your interest.

To enquire about volunteering email:

Please note Compass Children’s Charity does not currently accept Gap year students or work with agencies that make charges for volunteering placements.


Our requirements for international volunteers are quite rigorous, and unfortunately, we are unable to cover any of the expenses currently due to tight resources. Moreover, your placement would be with a project partner in-country and their decision is final as to your volunteering. We can support you with your application from the UK end and publish your experience to our supporters and online. (Please see our data protection policy/consent forms here)

Before you apply, please ensure you can meet all of the requirements below – thank you:

  • Candidates must be 24 years and above to volunteer in Mexico
  • and 22 years and above in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua
  • Candidates MUST have a good level of spoken and written Spanish
  • A minimum commitment of six months continuous service is preferred, though in special circumstances where a volunteer has specific skills to share, a shorter period may be possible.
  • Volunteers are required to fund their own airfare, full repatriation insurance, accommodation and living expenses.
  • Assistance will be given to find suitable accommodation but the choice and cost is the responsibility of the volunteer

We have an open rolling placement scheme so you may apply at any time

  • Candidates should submit a full CV and two references to Compass Children’s Charity and
  • A covering letter indicating why you want to work with Street Children and what relevant skills you may have. This letter should be in both English and Spanish.
  • A declaration of good physical and mental health should also be obtained from your GP and submitted with your application.
  • An enhanced DBS (disclosure and barring service) declaration must be submitted by the applicant together with confirmation that they are not on List 99. This is a requirement of our Child Protection Policy which volunteers will be required to commit to.

Interviews and assessments in both English and Spanish will be conducted at the UK office in Kettering, Northants.

Compass Children’s Charity evaluate the application, conduct the initial interview and make recommendations to Project partners who make the final decision with regard to the placement.

If accepted for a placement volunteers must complete all necessary visa requirements, directly with the relevant Consulate.

It is an open rolling volunteer programme, but please include an approximate date for when you would need to take up your placement (where possible allow at least 8 weeks between application and travel date)

If you have a country of choice please include in your application–projects based in Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras. We will try to accommodate your country of choice wherever possible.

We cannot guarantee that you will only work in the area you are most interested in. As part of your induction you would spend time in all areas in the various stages of the programme including working with the street educators, crisis centre, and transition and group homes. Following the induction period, discussions are held with the personnel coordinator to identify the volunteer’s areas of interest and skills in relation to the programme requirements. Volunteers are also utilised in the area of most need at any given time.

Ideally candidates should have knowledge or experience in some of the following areas:

Human rights; Child Welfare; Teaching; First Aid; Nursing; Counselling; Drug Rehabilitation; Secretarial or Media skills; Experience of working with young people and adolescents; Community outreach work. It is essential that you have a commitment to working with Street Children, patience, a good sense of humour, and recognise that street children may present challenging behaviour

To enquire about volunteering email:

Embassy Contacts :





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