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Volunteering in the UK :

Do you have a spare 2-3 hours or more free per week?   

Working remotely and in your own time …….

We would love to hear from you, we need to raise the profile for street children to make a difference today and for the future

Do you have any specialist skills you would like to use to benefit street children….

  • We would love to hear from you if you are a fundraiser and have experience in writing funding bids and would be able to donate some time to help us.
  • Do you have PR or marketing skills that you would like to use to help us ?
  • Maybe you have great social media skills and would love to put them to use for a great cause?
  • Are you able to plan, organise and run fundraising events?
  • Are you outgoing and enjoy meeting new people? Are you able to inspire and motivate others to join you and be a part of an organisation that really makes a difference?
  • We also need support for the more ordinary tasks – helping fill envelopes for our mail-outs – not as exciting but just as vital
  • Communications expert – we would love your help
  • Corporate connections – we need to establish more on going help and links with business

If any of the above apply to you –  we would love to hear from you.

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