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We would love your help to support the Metalwork vocational course in Nicaragua

Donate to the course and change a child’s future

Project Proposal for Funding:

Shaping a positive future for adolescent survivors of violence- a vocational programme with internships in Metal work “

We recognise the potential in each street child and work to give them the long-term tools to transform their own lives by means of education, training and a stable home life, we believe every child deserves the right to education and a better way of life.

  • Existing vocational-technical training programs are only designed for literate adolescents and youth who have at least completed 9th grade of their basic education. The Majority of children at Casa Alianza Nicaragua don’t match these criteria.
  • Youth at-risk in CAN programs there have no or limited access to traditional vocational training due to their circumstances and stigma attached to their lack of education.
  • In order to have income generating opportunities that allows them to continue their life plan and have a successful social reintegration process it is vital that we can fund this programme

To address this issue, Casa Alianza Nicaragua has developed a vocational training program tailored to the needs of adolescents in their centres. The program is called “Escuela Taller” (Workshop Training school) and within it, they offer several courses for the children to develop skills within a specific occupation/craft – including the metalwork project we are seeking funds for

Since “Escuela Taller” opened its doors, CAN has provided vocational training for 101 adolescents across the course range.

  • 31 adolescents successfully completed metal work courses since the classes began
  • 15 were able to develop further outside internships,
  • 8 now have formal employment in this area
  • 1 adolescent started his own business by opening a metal workshop.

Part of the success of the metal workshop is due to the philosophy behind the initiative, which demonstrates to adolescents that as hard as metal is, it can still be shaped to make positive and beautiful things; a principle they learn to apply to their own change process motivated during their time at the centres.

The project is focused on improving adolescents’ lives by providing opportunities for them to receive vocational training in metal work, cultivating income generating skills that can help them have a successful social reintegration process and provide a future

Metal work courses:

  • 2 courses, per year.
  • The courses will benefit a total of 16 adolescents (boys and/or girls), 8 per course.
  • Each course has 2 phases

Internship in CAN centers:

  • as part of the course, to refine the skills they are acquiring, adolescents apply everything they are learning while developing working with an internship with the maintenance team at Casa Alianza Nicaragua.

Future employment:

  • Once the course is completed we assist the participants/graduates in accessing further internships outside of the center.
  • The participants work towards a general level recognised qualification.

We are looking for £ 6,000 funding in full or part for this project for one year – BUT – with the objective of securing ongoing support and sponsorship of the programme going forward. To allow for stability of the project and to allow additional children/adolescents to benefit for the course

The budget requirement will cover:

  • Personnel: 1 staff member develops the courses, determines its content and oversees the internship process within CAN
  • Vocational Training: The investment required to purchase material for the courses and internships as well as protection equipment and clothes.

 Funding will enable us to continue and develop Vocational metal work programme.

Our objective is to secure a commitment continuity of funding for the next three years 2017/20 to maintain continuity and further develop the programme. Any contribution you are able to make to this work would be very much appreciated.

A local news channel in Nicaragua filmed part of the metalwork project (in Spanish) – you can watch here


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