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Our urgent appeal  is on behalf of the young adolescent mothers and their babies at Casa Alianza Nicaragua who have been forced to flee their home due to bad weather and a plague of termites causing severe damage to their home.

The rainy season has begun in Nicaragua with the first heavy downpour damaging the roof of the dedicated home for young mothers and babies. A closer inspection found that termites have seriously damaged the structural roof support, resulting in water flooding the electrical system, causing part of the roof and ceiling to collapse.

The home was immediately evacuated and the young mothers and their babies have been temporarily moved to another Casa Alianza residence in Managua. However this alternative home is already full and cannot provide the same level of support as the dedicated mother and baby unit. Our fear? These vulnerable girls will be moved from home to home and separated from their peer network – which is essentially their ‘family’. Many of these girls are trafficking survivors and stability is vital in their recovery process and to help them begin to reconstruct their lives.

It will cost approximately £18,000 to restore the home and Case Alianza Nicaragua doesn’t have this amount in reserves. Every penny it receives is spent on looking after all the children in their care

Can you help us by making an urgent donation towards the repair costs?


If you know of any avenues of assistance we should explore that could assist with the restoration of the infrastructure – Please do get in touch.


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